Episode 028- Doug Stewart Teaches Pete Primeau Some Time Saving Tips On Evernote.

February 11, 2016

I just upgraded to premium on Evernote so I asked my friend, co-host, and millennial Doug Stewart to help this fifty five year old man get the most out of Evernote. Doug’s tips and step by step instruction in this audio lesson were so fun and so easy that I was able to complete them while we recorded this episode.

Want to get more organized? Want to save a few hours a week using Evernote? Evernote is an app that will sync across platforms. Whatever I do on my iPhone will be transferred to my iPad and my MacBook Pro lap top whenever I open the app automatically.  You can save emails into Evernote. You can save handwritten notes into Evernote. There is a free version that you can do everything that we did in this episode with.

I with Doug’s expert instruction save a business card into Evernote. It was a simple as opening my Evernote App on my phone up and snapping a picture. Evernote then asked me what to do with the pic. I chose save to contact and it automatically saves all the information from the card to a contact card. The phone number and email are clickable directly in Evernote. 

Doug walked me through making an audio recording which was easy. One of the coolest things about Evernote is everything in Evernote can be accessed through a link that is easily created so you can share that information to teammates or business associates. Evernote creates a link that permits the user access to only that information and nothing else. 

Here is the link to create an online course directly in Evernote. Just Click Here https://www.evernote.com/shard/s85/sh/5436fd39-69ed-46b0-88db-0bca9da0048d/ca16216b177b6bd2?inf_contact_key=5d42604111580ec47184b91761436db273c2963e224b54511e441f650d31b078. Thank Steve Dotto for this great free information. Here is another free course from Steve Dotto called Evernote Made Easy Just Click Here http://www.dottotech.com/evernote-made-easy/?inf_contact_key=d7575186b04d4ea4089dfaba94175e1a613dcac042d4f86e28370452c38e11a0.

Here is the link to Michael Hyatt’s How To Get The Most Out Of Evernote; Just Click Here http://michaelhyatt.com/season-4-episode-05-getting-the-most-out-of-evernote.html. If you want to take Doug Stewart’s Free Evernote Course “How To Get More Sales Out Of Your Salespeople”  just email Doug at dougstewart44@gmail.com. It’s for sales managers and business owners. Please leave a comment on this blog if you enjoyed this audio lesson/blog post right here at peteprimeau.com. 




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