Episode 031- Pete Primeau & Doug Stewart Interview Jeff Giagnocavo Co-Owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More About How They Create Traffic From Tuft and Needle & Casper

March 2, 2016

Want to create traffic from Tuft and Needle and Casper? Listen to this podcast! We interview Jeff Giagnocavo co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More in Lancaster, PA about how he is achieved an extra $30,000 in sales in five to six weeks using traffic that he created using Tuft and Needle & Casper. 

In this episode Jeff explains what inspired him. He also explains what his store is doing step by step.On April 19 & 20 Jeff will reveal the step by step marketing system that he developed to create the extra $30,000 in sales volume. Go to automaticmattressprofits.net to sign up for Jeff’s two day seminar. He urges all retailers to be proactive and not reactionary.

Jeff will also share his marketing plan at Furniture Today’s Bedding Conference in Tucson, Arizona where Jeff will be sharing his wisdom with all the attendees. Don’t miss this episode we packed in all this and more in less than twenty minutes.

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